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Michael Munsterman
Michael Munsterman
Michael opened Munsterman Automotive Group with the idea that buying a car should be enjoyable. He designed MAG Auto to feel and operate differently. Michael is an entrepreneur, author, and podcast host. Michael believes that everyone deserves reliable transportation. He has assembled one of the friendliest most compassionate teams in the industry to help make that belief system a reality.

When he is not managing one of his companies Michael will be found spending time with his family and playing with his dog Peanut!
If the bank says no, I will loan you the money!
Brooke O’Donnell
Brooke O’Donnell
Brooke is the Chief Financial officer at Munsterman Automotive Group. Brooke has an extremely quirky personality and when asked about her life goals she is likely to tell you that she would like to own an impound lot, be an artist on a beach or be a Daytona winning Nascar driver!

One thing is certain Brooke takes a lot of pride in working at the family business which her and her dad Michael built from the ground up.
Be nice to me! I write the checks!
Dalton O’Donnell, Sales Manager
Dalton O’Donnell, Sales Manager
Dalton has been with the MAG Auto team for since 2018. The culture of the dealership has been elevated even higher as his personality and love for people becomes more and more evident. With a degree in finance and a passion for helping people he is the perfect person to help our customers get financed and rebuild their credit.

Dalton is now married to the wonderful and magnificent CFO, Brooke!
Getting people approved since 2018!
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez
Since joining the Munsterman Automotive Group team in 2018, Juan instantly vibed with our culture of helping people first.

Juan is a big guy compared to most people but tiny if you compare him to the size of his heart. He has been the perfect addition to MAG Service and will bend over backwards to ensure you have a great experience. Oh yeah! He is also a certified diesel mechanic!
We will get you back on the road! I promise.
What a Journey!

I can hardly believe that we have been opened since 2016! Time sure does fly by! When we originally opened the dealership our goal like many start up companies was survival! We thought that people were tired of being mistreated in the car business, but we didn’t know if they would buy cars without all of the nonsense and games that most dealerships played! Our thought was be genuine and treat every single person as though they were the only customer in the world. We thought that if we acted different customers could finally enjoy the car buying experience...

Boy were we right!

Since opening the dealership we have had the please of helping over 1000 people get the car of their dreams! Over half of them didn’t think they would ever qualify to get financing, let alone, be treated with the level of customer service that we offer to each and every customer. As you meet the team below we want to definitely get the same chance to meet you! Stop by and introduce yourself!

Thanks for checking out the site and we look forward to serving you in the near future!

Best Wishes,

Michael Munsterman, Founder

Treating People Like Family It’s What We Do.